Exhibition of my Carrera World Cup pictures from Nürburgring 2011

Pictures that are printed, framed and hanged on a wall is something that i rarely do. That’s sad, because they really come to life in this artform.

That is why it’s a great pleasure to tell you about an exhibition i’m having in collaboration with Porsche Sweden. Since a while back there are nine pictures from Carrera World Cup @ Nürburgring in 2011 hanging on the walls at Porsche Center in Segeltorp just outside of Stockholm.

If you are in the neighbourhood i do recommend that you pop in for a visit. There is more eyecandy there, for instance the new Porsche Boxster. Here is the adress: Smista Allé 44, Segeltorp.

My pictures are hanging in a showroom further in, if you dont find them i suggest you ask someone and they will give you directions. All of the pictures are 100×70 cm and are printed at Crimson where i choose their Prefix service, and here is a little teaser all taken with my iPhone.


A big thanks goes out to Bosse Jansson at Porsche Sweden for this opportunity and for buying all of the pictures.

Another cool thing is that all of these are shot with my old Nikon D3, you can easily get superb big prints with 12mp which is amazing. I think the details in these prints are very good, now that´s something for all the pixel peepers out there. 🙂

Finally i would appreciate all the help i can get when it comes to sharing this, wether it´s via a social channel like twitter, facetube, google+ or however you decide to do it, i would be forever grateful. There are share-buttons right underneath here in a little box that says: Share this.

So spread the word! 🙂


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  1. Martin Palm 2012/06/12 at 08:30 #

    Riktigt trevliga bilder Patrik. Jag ska nog skaffa 2-3 stycken 100×70 posters till nya lägenheten och Crimson verkar ju fixa bra grejjer!

    Var du på plats och fixade med printarna eller körde du via deras site?

    • Patrik 2012/06/12 at 08:49 #

      Jag har beställt bilder via deras Prefix-tjänst tidigare via siten och den funkar klockrent. Där får man välja allt själv så det blir som man tänkt sig, det kostar mer men i mina ögon är det värt det.
      Tänk dock på att ljusa upp dina bilder något, kanske 5 % eftersom en papperskopia inte är upplyst underifrån. 🙂 Det absolut bästa är att beställa hem några gratis testutskrifter. Prova det. Då ser du direkt om din skärm är rätt kalibrerad/profilerad så att färger etc. ser korrekta ut. Det blir tråkigt och dyrt om så inte är fallet.

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