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Scoty part two – the grand finale, and a little film.

So, it’s time for the round up of the final six cars battling it out on Knutstorp Ring just outside of Kågeröd in Skåne, Sweden. If you wanna know which car that won it all […]

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Bankalas part one!

Is out in stores now, there is of course some other stuff in it as well. In Teknikens Värld #16 you will find the first test of the brand new Volvo V40, the first test […]

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Bankalas or Scoty as it is called

It is the time of year when the annual Scoty-event, Sports Car Of The Year, takes place on Knutstorp Ring in Skåne, Sweden. It’s an event taking place over the Scandinavian borders since we are […]

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TTA – raceweekend number four at Falkenberg

This past weekend it was time for race number four in the TTA racingseries at Falkenberg Motorstadion. Now there will be a break until it starts again in Karlskoga 18/8. I’m not gonna be long, […]

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Klassiska Bilar is the good stuff!

It´s been a couple of busy weeks now, actually a bit busier than usual. There has been some traveling all over the place, going south and north and vice versa, and so on and so […]

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