Klassiska Bilar is the good stuff!

It´s been a couple of busy weeks now, actually a bit busier than usual. There has been some traveling all over the place, going south and north and vice versa, and so on and so forth.

Here is some stuff that i´ve done in the latest Klassiska Bilar, which is a magazine with a good portion of this and that which gives a nice mix of different reportages. It has actually been out for a little while and will be replaced by the next issue on the 24/7 so go check it out now if your interested.

The coverstory was done by my good colleague Glenn Lindberg and i do recommend a visit to his site. It´s kind of funny because sometimes there can be a whole issue of just his pictures and in the next issue there is the other way around. We work in mysterious ways.

The funniest part with this magazine is all the interesting people that we get to meet, wether it´s the owner of a car that we testdrive or other people that have some sort of relation with the automotive area. In one of these reportages me and Linus met a guy that we have already worked with once before, he had a Lola which i´ll try to remember to get back to in another post later on, but this time we focused on his very nice Austin Healey. Me and David met a man with an incredible fine Mercedes 420SL, it was actually done last fall which you perhaps can see in the picture. Me and PeO went to see Perry Andersson, who is a legend in Porsche circles, and a very nice man. He and his son are busy busy. Last but not least i´ve been up slightly north of Gävle to visit Emil Larsson who has more cars than the average 23 year old, and he is only interested in british cars.

Well there you have it, a magazine loaded with good stuff! See some of the stuff in it below.

Oh wait, and there is a new Stora guiden om.. out now as well. This time it´s about Volkswagen, i did the cover with the help of Glenn and a young trainee that was with us for a while. I´ll get back to that in another post later on, because it´s kind of interesting to show you how it´s done since it´s all shot in a studio with bigass constant light. Just like this one, but not that big of a studio. I can give you a little hint, in the next issue it´s gonna be Italian style.


Take care!


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