Time for another trip to the land of white toast!

Since the Olympians packed their stuff and went home a couple of weeks ago it was time for another trip for me and Linus Pröjtz. There has been quite a few over the years. On these trips we get to see very rare and unique cars that you would never find in Sweden. We also get to meet a lot of interesting people.

These gigs are always spread out over a long period of time and i cant show you anything until it has been published. Therefore i will just remind you of an old post, click here if you want to see some AC Cobras, a Jaguar Eventer and a Land Rover Defender. But in this post i will show you some stuff that is not so car related. 🙂

But i can tell you that there will be a little bit of green, gold, grey, white and some babyblue. We did seven cars in four days, which may sound like eons of time, but trust me it never is.

And i have to tell you, i grew pretty fond of a beverage called Bitter Shandy. It´s one part Bitter and one part Shandy.. Nah, it´s half-and-half beer and citrus lemonade of some sorts. You should try it if you can, it´s very tasty.

Take care!

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