Here are some pictures from Tierp Arena!

And actually nothing more than that. This was a real treat, visually that is. New track, new possibilities, new everything. I really like it. Where you there and what did you think?

tta_start_pl0712_001.jpgTTA Tierp Arena Race 7andersson_m_pl0712_011.jpgTTA Tierp Arena Race 7TTA Tierp Arena Race 7TTA Tierp Arena Race 7rudholm_r_pl0712_017.jpgTTA Tierp Arena Race 7larsson_f_pl0712_012.jpgmangs_j_pl0712_008.jpgohlin_m_pl0712_020.jpghaglof_d_pl0712_009.jpgTTA Tierp Arena Race 7


In two weeks time the final round of this years new racing series TTA will take place in Gothenburg. I will be there, how about you?

Until next time!


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