A year at Teknikens Värld!

I thought it would be quite fun to do a post about this as we are closing in on the end of 2012.

I dont know how many of you who know that i’m a fulltime staff photographer at Teknikens Värld. Nevertheless, at Teknikens Värld we produce a lot. Here is a list of what we did during 2012.

– 27 issues of Teknikens Värld.
– 11 issues of Klassiska Bilar.
– 4 issues of Tjänstebilen.
– 4 issues of Stora guiden om.
– 1 issue of Stora Begbilboken.
– 1 issue of Alla Bilar.
– 1 issue of TTA Magazine.

In all of these 49 issues and on all of these thousands of pages you will find 27+ tests of 120 something cars, 100+ testdrives of new cars and around 50 testdrives of old cars. And that´s just the car related stuff, we cover lots of other things as well.

But that’s not all, we are on the interwebs as well. Our website http://www.teknikensvarld.se published around a thousand articles during 2012.

But wait, there is more. We arrange trips to different places with a very interesting content for all you car enthusiasts.

It is in no way an exaggeration that we got things to do. 🙂

Let’s see what 2013 has to offer!

I wish you all a happy new year and a good start on 2013.


Below an iPhone-snap of our wall at the office.

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