The lovely Aston Martin Rapide S

In the end of april I went to England once again with my colleague Linus Pröjtz to do some work. As usual I cant show you the stuff that have not yet been published, but there will be a time and a place for that as well, and trust me I got some really cool stuff to show you.

Lets focus on this beautiful Rapide S instead. We picked it up at Aston Martins HQ in Gaydon, which is a really cool site. To bad there was no time for a factory tour, maybe next time.

The second picture below will show you how it looks inside, nice lineup. 🙂

Anyway, lets take a look at some of the pictures that I took. I think it is a real beauty, take a look at the design, don’t you agree? Click on the images to see them bigger.

pl_aston_005 copy.jpgpl_aston_001 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_011 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_025 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_008 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_006 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_028 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_029 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_030 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_031 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_033 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_036 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_035 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_037 copy.jpg

And I have to say that I just love the Nikon D800, i can underexpose the images pretty good in camera and I don’t have to worry about the brighter areas. I can actually lift the darker areas more than two whole stops without any ugly noise. That was not possible with my old Canon 1Ds Mark3 and not with the newer models either, at least not from what i´ve seen. Nikon has really stepped up to the plate this time!

Until next time!

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