Sports Car of the Year 2013!

Once again it was time to go down south to Ring Knutstorp in the southern parts of Sweden for this years edition of Sports Car of the Year, Scoty, or as we in Sweden call it, Bankalas. 🙂

This year we had 23 cars at our disposal during two very long days in the sun. This is the sixth time i do this and i got to say that it gets harder and harder to find new angles on this track. Next year i´m gonna propose that they go the other way around. That could be interesting. 😉

I´ll keep it short this time, take a look and see if there is anything you like. These are my own favorites from a batch of around 350 images that i made for the magazine. It was all published in Teknikens Värld #15 and #16 and some of them will most likely show up in Bilmagasinet and Tekniikan Maailma as well since this is a collaboration between us and them to make it happen.

Click the images to see them better!

Global-Vara-tidningar-Teknikens-Varld-2013-2013-15.jpgpl_bmw_m6_gran_coupe_007 copy.jpgpl_bentley_continental_gt_003 copy.jpgpl_lamborghini_aventador_015 copy.jpgpl_lotus_exige_s_010 copy.jpgpl_ford_fiesta_st_012 copy.jpgpl_audi_rs4_002 copy.jpgpl_porsche_cayman_s_003 copy.jpgpl_jaguar_f_type_012 copy.jpgpl_mini_jcw_gp_007 copy.jpgpl_volvo_v40_002 copy.jpgpl_peugeot_208_gti_002 copy.jpgpl_nissan_gtr_002 copy.jpgpl_jaguar_f_type_004 copy.jpgpl_lotus_evora_s_006 copy.jpgpl_audi_r8_003 copy.jpgpl_audi_rs6_002 copy.jpgpl_volvo_s60_003 copy.jpgpl_opel_astra_opc_002 copy.jpgpl_duell_002 copy.jpg

Technical aspects, I shot these with my Nikon D800 and the Nikon 70-200 VR2 with various shutter speeds and f-stops.

Enjoy this car feast and have a nice weekend!


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