I am featured at Chasing Asphalt!

Chasing Asphalt is a site for everyone involved or interested in the art of car photography. Now the time has come for me to show some of my goods that I have photographed recently. Go check it out!


The car photography community out there is growing in numbers each day thanks to Chasing Asphalt and Speedhunters and other dedicated car loving communitys, at least that’s the feeling I get when I browse the worlds widest web.
If you are interested in cars and car photography in general I advise you to bookmark this page for future visits, I am going to start some sort of a Q&A about car photography right here at http://www.patriklindgren.se soon.
If you are interested in carphotography or thinking about starting I think that you will find lots of useful information here in the future.

I have been shooting cars for seven years for one of Swedens biggest car magazines, Teknikens Värld, and I have also been delivering pictures to several major magazines in England as well during these years. I know what it takes to get the shot that either you, or better yet, your client wants.

Take care!


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