Monthly Archives: januari 2014

pl_ferrari_250_gt_competizione_005 copy.jpg

A teaser of something really unique!

This right here is a car that few of you have ever laid your eyes on. There is just this one, there is no number two or number three. It was designed by Pininfarina and […]

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pl_ryssen_2_007 copy.jpg

Here is our new Wintershot, the Russian!

Yeah i know it sounds kind of weird, but that’s what you get if you translate a word straight from swedish to english. 🙂 The thing is that Teknikens Värld, which i have been working […]

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How about an Icon? The Ferrari 250 SWB.

In late april 2013 I went to England for three days of work with my colleague Linus Pröjtz. We did a whole bunch of things during those days. One of those days was rather special, […]

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