How about an Icon? The Ferrari 250 SWB.

In late april 2013 I went to England for three days of work with my colleague Linus Pröjtz. We did a whole bunch of things during those days. One of those days was rather special, or better yet, it was actually extraordinary.

We were served two very cool cars, and one of them was this beautiful Ferrari 250 SWB. One thing is for sure, they do not make them like this anymore. Since these two cars are sort of priceless and have the same value as a small country we had to do everything on a track where there is no risk of traffic and other things that may cause problems, and traffic can be a b*tch in England.

This was my second encounter with a Ferrari 250 SWB, i had a brief meeting with another 250 SWB on a previous trip we did to the land of white toast that ended up on the cover of one of our coffee table magazines that we produced before. It was called Stora guiden om Ferrari. In english, Big guide about Ferrari. Take a look!

ferraribok copy
On the above shoot i never heard the sound of the engine, we did the whole thing in a garage. But his time i could see this thing move on the road, and listen to it out in the open. It is a beautiful car, no doubt.
This particular car was once owned by world famous guitar virtuose Eric Clapton, he obviously got good taste.

This car was photographed for publication in and

Ok, enough of all the chit-chat and lets have a look at this beauty. Oh and by the way, the other car was even more special and unique in many ways. I will get back to that, soon.

pl_ferrari_250_swb_018 copy.jpgpl_ferrari_250_swb_007 copy.jpgpl_ferrari_250_swb_011 copy.jpgpl_ferrari_250_swb_034 copy.jpgpl_ferrari_250_swb_025 copy.jpgpl_ferrari_250_swb_032 copy.jpgpl_ferrari_250_swb_051 copy.jpgpl_ferrari_250_swb_055 copy.jpgpl_ferrari_250_swb_059 copy.jpgpl_ferrari_250_swb_066 copy.jpg

Take care for now!


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