Here is our new Wintershot, the Russian!

Yeah i know it sounds kind of weird, but that’s what you get if you translate a word straight from swedish to english. 🙂

The thing is that Teknikens Värld, which i have been working for since seven years now, buy an old car every summer and winter and then they simply call it summershot and wintershot. Dont ask, it’s an old tradition. 🙂

Then we do different reportages with them, the kind of storys that you usually dont read about in Teknikens Värld. It has always been something that our readers appreciate. We bought this car a while ago up in the north of Sweden. Jonas Borglund, our expert of used cars, was the man behind the deal. Jonas, being an expert in used cars, have made a few deals over the years that he has.. well, not been so proud of. We have to wait and see if this one is destined for failure or greatness. 🙂

I have driven this ”thing” since it’s arrival at our garage and it’s a joy to drive it, sort of. Oh well, driving it makes you start thinking, mostly because there is no sound system in it. That is if you ignore all the other ”sounds” that it produces.
So, i came up with this idea that we should do something fun with it. I presented it to the chiefs and they swallowed the bait, looking back at it now i realize that it was probably because they were glad that someone else was gonna get their hands dirty. 🙂

So here is the result, take a look in the latest issue of Teknikens Värld. Yours truly took the pictures and wrote it as well.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures, and a note that i did the whole thing all by my lonesome thanks to a new little gadget that i just bought. It is a huge help for both photographers and filmmakers. I will come back to that in a later post.

But for now, enjoy!

Ryssen a.k.a. PutinRyssen a.k.a. PutinRyssen a.k.a. PutinRyssen a.k.a. PutinRyssen a.k.a. Putin


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