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pl_ferrari_250_gt_competizione_005 copy.jpg

The Ingrid Bergman Ferrari.

Before this shoot I had never heard about this car nor had i seen a picture of it. So it was a delightful opportunity to have it infront of my lens because it is a […]

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pl_test_4x4_001 copy.jpg

What’s it like to photograph things in extreme conditions?

Once again we hit the road and drove north with three 4×4 contenders. We had the new Dacia Duster with us and we put it to the Test against two contenders. One being the Skoda […]

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What do you need as a car photographer?

I get questions like this from time to time from all over the place, so I thought why not start some sort of Q&A for these questions and put them out there on the interwebs […]

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pl_bentley_mulsanne_062_2 copy2.jpg

Jeeves, bring me my Bentley.

In the end of January me and Hans Hedberg, our testmanager at Teknikens Värld, had the delightful pleasure of going to the culture capitol of Europe, Berlin. This great city with around 3,5 million people […]

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Join me on a shoot of a very cool concept car!

So what’s it like to shoot a really cool concept car in a huge studio with the best available conditions? Well, it’s absolutely wonderful. 🙂 In mid-february my boss at Teknikens Värld asked me if […]

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