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Join me for 24h on a crazy shoot with Fotosidan Magasin.

A while ago Amy Lagerman at, which is Sweden’s biggest online photo community, contacted me about a reportage that they do in their Fotosidan Magasin where you get to follow a professional photographer for […]

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Three fourwheeldriven sportscars on ice!

In february we went north to Dalarna in Sweden. In Orsa there is a big lake called Orsasjön, and on this very same lake they arrange the annual Orsa Speedweek-event. If you havent heard about […]

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Behind the scenes of the Lexus LF-LC shoot

This is a post that I had forgotten about until recently, but here it is as I promised in this post about a year ago. This is a bit of an insight of what happened […]

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Have you stepped out of your comfortzone lately?

And by that i mean the way you shoot your pictures, do you get stuck sometimes? Frankly, we all do sometimes. Do read on if you want some kind of push in, at least, some […]

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TTA Magazine, it’s out there!

Our new baby is out, and i mean that in two ways. We had a baby girl three weeks ago, and she is fantastic. 🙂 Another cool thing is that there is a new racemag […]

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