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Here is our new Wintershot, the Russian!

Yeah i know it sounds kind of weird, but that’s what you get if you translate a word straight from swedish to english. 🙂 The thing is that Teknikens VĂ€rld, which i have been working […]

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I am featured at Chasing Asphalt!

Chasing Asphalt is a site for everyone involved or interested in the art of car photography. Now the time has come for me to show some of my goods that I have photographed recently. Go check […]

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Time for another trip to the land of white toast!

Since the Olympians packed their stuff and went home a couple of weeks ago it was time for another trip for me and Linus Pröjtz. There has been quite a few over the years. On these […]

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A quick reminder of my Exhibition – Carrera World Cup 2011 @ NĂŒrburgring

These are all of the pictures that was printed, framed and hanged up on the wall at Porsche Center Stockholm. Now as we are closing in on vacationtimes for some of you, this is a […]

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Exhibition of my Carrera World Cup pictures from NĂŒrburgring 2011

Pictures that are printed, framed and hanged on a wall is something that i rarely do. That’s sad, because they really come to life in this artform. That is why it’s a great pleasure to […]

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