Robin Rudholm – Westcoast Racing

I´ve had the pleasure of working with the Swedish Touring Car Championship racing team Westcoast Racing for several years. This is a selection of my favorite pictures of one of their former drivers, Robin Rudholm, and the team behind him. He is a great character infront of the lens and a good guy and I wish him good luck with his future endeavours.

Robin announced his retirement from the professional racing scene in october of 2013. Here are some of my favorite moments from between 2006 and 2008 that is focusing on something deeper than the ordinary racing pictures that we are fed with every day.

I am offering a limited number of prints of this exhibition. There will be three prints, in 70 x 50 cm, available of each and every picture in the gallery above. The prints will be printed at Crimson which is a professional printing lab. Contact me if you are interested so I can tell you more about this rare opportunity.

Enjoy and do share it with your petrolhead friends.