This is the gear I use during work or play. I work literally everywhere during all kinds of weather all year round so I need tools that i can rely on.


– Nikon D4 is a beast of a machine. You can, as you could with the D3-series and D2-series, throw literally any physical task onto it and solve it. My number one choice when the tough gets going. Reliable as a rock. Fantastic high Iso capabilities. Superb D-movie capabilities. Fits perfectly in my hands. I love it.

– Nikon D800 is not really the D4´s little brother, it´s a completely different camera. It has the same autofocus-system as the D4 and there are only minor differences when it comes to the movie possibilities. My number one choice for magazine work, big prints or difficult light situations. It has good high Iso capabilities. The best dynamic range, ever. Fantastic files. Huge files. Size does NOT matter.


– Fujifilm X100 Black Edition. One of 10.000 made. This is the funniest camera i have ever used. I love the feel of it, and i have used it both for work and play. It´s the perfect companion for a wide range of situations and it´s prime 35 mm focal length is a classic photojournalistic focal length. Which means that you need to get closer to your subjects, just how i like it. F2 lens. Great files, easy to use, just point and shoot. Fun!


– Nikon 35 F1,4 AF-S is my favorite focal length when it comes to overall shooting, it´s the classic photojournalistic focal length. Lovely DOF. Sharp. Heavy. 67mm filterdiameter. Crisp colors.

– Nikon 50 F1,4 AF-S is another favorite focal length when it comes to overall shooting. Also a classic focal length for both portraits and other tasks. Great DOF. Sharp. Light. Crisp colors.

– Nikon 85 F1,4 AF-S is the classic portrait focal length lens. Amazing DOF. Heavy. Tack sharp. Crisp colors.

– Nikon 16-35 F4 AF-S is my new workhorse for car to car shots. Wide, but not too wide. Sharp. VR. Heavy. Not 2,8.

– Nikon 24-70 F2,8 AF-S is one of the absolut sharpest zoomlenses i have ever used. Perfect overall. Heavy. Did i say sharp?

– Nikon 70-200 F2,8 AF-S is an excellent medium range telephoto zoomlens. Very sharp. VR. Heavy. Fast.

– Nikon 300 F2,8 AF-S is the oldest lens in my bag. No VR. Very heavy. Sharp. Lovely DOF. Crisp colors.

– Sandisk 16gb Extreme PRO memory cards. Not one Sandisk card have failed on me yet, knock on wood. Reliable. Fast. Rugged.

– Sony XQD 16gb is the new kid in town. Blazing fast. Rugged. Reliable so far.

– Elinchrom Ranger RX AS Speed is a compact concentrated box of mobile sun that i can bring with me. Asynchronous output, 66/33. One charge lasts forever and ever.

– Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed is the exact same thing as the one above but with a 50/50 output.

– Elinchrom Ranger A-Heads is the action head which can freeze just about any motion, notion or emotion for that matter.

– A wide range of different accessories from Elinchroms own lineup such as Octa´s, Recta´s, Beautydishes, Grids and the lot.

– Mac Pro is the number one workhorse. Can take just about anything i throw at it. Sturdy. A beast.

– Macbook Pro is the one i always have with me out in the field. Fast. Efficient.


– Mac OS has been my OS of choice since seven years. Stable. Reliable. All i need and nothing else.

– Lightroom 5 is my number one editing software these days. Made for photographers. Fast. Efficient.

– Photoshop CS 5 is only used when i cant fix everything in LR4.

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