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English, yes please!

I’m going all in with the International language from now on, i have seen in my stats that i have quite a lot of visitors from all over the place.
So this and all the following posts will be in English.
Here in Sweden the knowledge of the English language is pretty good. My English is far from perfect, but i’m willing to give it a try.

If you rather read stuff in Swedish then i’ll suggest that you head over here, to Fotosidan.se which is a superb site for the whole swedish photocommunity. There you’ll find my posts in Swedish.

We’ll see how it goes! :)

Here’s an iPhone picture from yesterday when i was at Fotografiska where Nikon was showing their new gear amongst other things. But the best part was of course that they had invited Joe McNally and Bill Frakes to do a little presentation of what they have been up to lately. I’ve seen both of these guys on stage before and i got to say that they’re really good, not just in their profession, but also in how they tell their stories with a great sense of humor and wits. Especially Joe, he’s a true entertainer. I think we all have a lot to learn from these craftsmen.

To top that of, i got a call late in the afternoon with a very nice surprise. My long awaited Nikon D4 have arrived and i should have it sometime next week. I’m actually quite excited, and it’s going to be fun trying it out.

See ya!