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2014 är till ända, låt oss se vad 2015 har i sitt sköte.

Jag har jobbat på Teknikens Värld sedan 2006, att tiden går fort är väl inget nytt för någon. Det känns ändå som att det var väldigt länge sedan jag var en nyutexaminerad bildjournalist från Nordens […]

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Sports Car of the Year 2013!

Once again it was time to go down south to Ring Knutstorp in the southern parts of Sweden for this years edition of Sports Car of the Year, Scoty, or as we in Sweden call […]

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0-100 in 3,1 seconds. 625 hp. That´s the McLaren MP4-12C for you!

The orange car circulating the Swedish racetrack Knutstorp Ring down in Skåne, Sweden a while ago had some serious attentionspan. Everyone was like kids in a candystore. It’s not every day you have a McLaren […]

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Scoty part two – the grand finale, and a little film.

So, it’s time for the round up of the final six cars battling it out on Knutstorp Ring just outside of Kågeröd in Skåne, Sweden. If you wanna know which car that won it all […]

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Bankalas part one!

Is out in stores now, there is of course some other stuff in it as well. In Teknikens Värld #16 you will find the first test of the brand new Volvo V40, the first test […]

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