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Frankrike vs Italien!

Här kommer en till bild från den där sena sommarkvällen 2015 då vi hade en magisk himmel som bakgrund. Det är rätt lätt att trycka på avtryckaren när man har så här bra förutsättningar. Vi lät […]

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pl_ferrari_250_gt_competizione_005 copy.jpg

A teaser of something really unique!

This right here is a car that few of you have ever laid your eyes on. There is just this one, there is no number two or number three. It was designed by Pininfarina and […]

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pl_aston_martin_rapide_s_011 copy.jpg

22 hour Test of the Aston Martin Rapide S

I have actually forgot to post this, that´s a shame. 🙂 You can read the first post here: http://www.patriklindgren.se/2013/07/30/join-me-for-24h-on-a-crazy-shoot-with-fotosidan-magasin/ In this post you will find a few of my favorites from the 22 hour long encounter […]

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pl_test_audi_rs6_027 copy.jpg

A wolf in sheep clothing, the new Audi RS6!

In late june we did a Test of this fine piece of german machinery at Teknikens Värld. It is a real beast, or perhaps more of a wolf in sheep clothing. It is a fine […]

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Sports Car of the Year 2013!

Once again it was time to go down south to Ring Knutstorp in the southern parts of Sweden for this years edition of Sports Car of the Year, Scoty, or as we in Sweden call […]

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