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pl_ferrari_250_gt_competizione_005 copy.jpg

A teaser of something really unique!

This right here is a car that few of you have ever laid your eyes on. There is just this one, there is no number two or number three. It was designed by Pininfarina and […]

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How about an Icon? The Ferrari 250 SWB.

In late april 2013 I went to England for three days of work with my colleague Linus Pröjtz. We did a whole bunch of things during those days. One of those days was rather special, […]

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c11-pl_porsche_911t_019 copy.jpg

Let´s continue with the Porsche theme, here is an old 911 from the past.

In mid november of 2012 me and Linus Pröjtz went to Björkvik, an old airfield strip that we use a lot when we Test cars for Teknikens Värld, to test drive this old but very […]

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