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The lovely Aston Martin Rapide S

In the end of april I went to England once again with my colleague Linus Pröjtz to do some work. As usual I cant show you the stuff that have not yet been published, but there will be a time and a place for that as well, and trust me I got some really cool stuff to show you.

Lets focus on this beautiful Rapide S instead. We picked it up at Aston Martins HQ in Gaydon, which is a really cool site. To bad there was no time for a factory tour, maybe next time.

The second picture below will show you how it looks inside, nice lineup. :)

Anyway, lets take a look at some of the pictures that I took. I think it is a real beauty, take a look at the design, don’t you agree? Click on the images to see them bigger.

pl_aston_005 copy.jpgpl_aston_001 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_011 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_025 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_008 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_006 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_028 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_029 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_030 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_031 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_033 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_036 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_035 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_037 copy.jpg

And I have to say that I just love the Nikon D800, i can underexpose the images pretty good in camera and I don’t have to worry about the brighter areas. I can actually lift the darker areas more than two whole stops without any ugly noise. That was not possible with my old Canon 1Ds Mark3 and not with the newer models either, at least not from what i´ve seen. Nikon has really stepped up to the plate this time!

Until next time!

Jeeves, bring me my Bentley.

In the end of January me and Hans Hedberg, our testmanager at Teknikens Värld, had the delightful pleasure of going to the culture capitol of Europe, Berlin. This great city with around 3,5 million people and it´s lovely mix of culture, architecture and history was our scene for two days.

Our task consisted of a testdrive of the Bentley Mulsanne. I know, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it. During this time we drove in and around Berlin and we had a great time. It’s a shame though that we had to return the car. I proposed to my wife that we should sell our house and our car and well, literally everything we own. If we do that then maybe, but just maybe i could buy one of these. Nowadays i hear that you could get a good price for a kidney, do i hear a first bid?

And by the way, if you want to see a film that i did then take a look here: http://www.teknikensvarld.se/2013/02/15/38132/lyxbilen-bentley-mulsanne-provkord/


pl_bentley_mulsanne_062_2 copy2.jpgpl_bentley_mulsanne_067_1 copy.jpgpl_bentley_mulsanne_001.jpgpl_bentley_mulsanne_003.jpgpl_bentley_mulsanne_014.jpgpl_bentley_mulsanne_030.jpgpl_bentley_mulsanne_032.jpgpl_bentley_mulsanne_035.jpgpl_bentley_mulsanne_051.jpgpl_bentley_mulsanne_052.jpg


Take care!


Time for another trip to the land of white toast!

Since the Olympians packed their stuff and went home a couple of weeks ago it was time for another trip for me and Linus Pröjtz. There has been quite a few over the years. On these trips we get to see very rare and unique cars that you would never find in Sweden. We also get to meet a lot of interesting people.

These gigs are always spread out over a long period of time and i cant show you anything until it has been published. Therefore i will just remind you of an old post, click here if you want to see some AC Cobras, a Jaguar Eventer and a Land Rover Defender. But in this post i will show you some stuff that is not so car related. :)

But i can tell you that there will be a little bit of green, gold, grey, white and some babyblue. We did seven cars in four days, which may sound like eons of time, but trust me it never is.

And i have to tell you, i grew pretty fond of a beverage called Bitter Shandy. It´s one part Bitter and one part Shandy.. Nah, it´s half-and-half beer and citrus lemonade of some sorts. You should try it if you can, it´s very tasty.

Take care!

The great British Empire

This is dedicated to the great British Empire with it’s tasteless white toasts, it’s dodgy sausages and it’s greasy crisps. Dont get me wrong here, there is lots to love about England. For example, name one person that does not like to have a carpet in their bathroom.
Well, there you have it. 😉

Since this is a text on the worlds widest web, i guess sometimes the irony of it all does not shine through. So let me be perfectly clear, i really like England in all it’s glory, i just couldn´t help myself.

England has a long history in the automotive area, today it’s a bit different. But the interest in cars and motorsport is huge compared to Sweden. There is just one problem, or actually two, firstly they drive on the wrong side of the road and secondly the steering wheel is misplaced. :)

We, me and Linus Pröjtz, travel to England at least twice a year doing reportages about old cars and the people around them. There has been quite a few Jaguars over the years, or shaguars as Austin Powers once said. There has actually been a lot of cars over the years and only once has it rained in this motherland of rain.

I’ll show you a couple of cars from a trip i did last year. There is a Jaguar Eventer, something that you dont see everyday. There is two pretty unique AC Cobras, one of them driven by Jack Sears on that exact same track many years ago. He was actually there driving the white Cobra once again, handling everything and everybody like a perfect gentleman, a very nice man indeed.

So why do we go to England to do this, well first of all these cars are often times very rare. And if it´s hard to find them in their motherland then you´ll probably understand that there is no way in hell to get a hold of cars like this in Sweden.

The third one, a real classic, although new is actually shot in Stockholm. Me and Olof Adlercreutz went out hunting for duck, we didn´t succeed though. It´s the Land Rover Defender which have been pretty much the same since the beginning, why change something that works?




Might i just add, no ducks was in any way harmed during the last shoot, just so you know.

If you would like to read this in Swedish i´ll suggest you go here.