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What’s it like to photograph things in extreme conditions?

Once again we hit the road and drove north with three 4×4 contenders. We had the new Dacia Duster with us and we put it to the Test against two contenders. One being the Skoda Yeti and the other one being the new Citroën C4 Aircross which is brand new on the swedish market. The two contenders is almost double the price compared to the cheaper Dacia. So the question was if the Dacia was up for it? The answer to that and many more questions can be found in the latest issue of Teknikens Värld, number 5, which is out in stores now.

And here are some pictures from Jämtland, Sweden which is incredible beautiful. And we were very lucky with the weather, a crispy blue sky and around -25 degrees celsius. And no, mosquitoes was never an issue. 😉

pl_test_4x4_001 copy.jpgpl_citroen_c4_aircross_011 copy.jpgpl_citroen_c4_aircross_015 copy.jpgpl_dacia_duster_009 copy.jpgpl_dacia_duster_012 copy.jpgpl_test_4x4_005 copy.jpgpl_skoda_yeti_010 copy.jpgpl_skoda_yeti_012 copy.jpgpl_test_4x4_002 copy.jpg

People ask me sometimes what it´s like to work in these conditions and how my gear hold up and so on. And all i can say is that it´s not really a problem, it could be if you are not prepared for it, but i have been doing this for quite some time now, eight years and counting to be exact. Sometime soon i will put up a little film here where you will see how i do this, just a little teaser of what it´s like.

Anyway, as i said, if you are prepared for the task at hand you will fix it. But for everyone else who are wondering, here are a few things to have in mind if you are about to do a shoot in extreme cold.

– Layers. You need to dress yourself with layer on top of layer, the more the merrier. Use at least three layers underneath your outerwear. You need wool and fleece or other materials that breathes and transport moisture away from your body to the outer layers. Do not use cotton closest to your skin, if it gets wet it will stay wet. That´s a bad thing. If you get to warm you will start to sweat and then you will start to freeze when that hot sweat starts to cool down.

– Boots. You need really warm shoes, or boots with a good pair of socks in them. Not some supermarket socks but a pair of real skisocks made by wool or something similar. Better yet, use a thin linersock with a thicker sock on top it. You will be glad you did, trust me!

– Outerwear. You need outerwear that is up for this. Preferably with some sort of ventilation outlets to let warm moist find it´s way out.

– Gloves. You need warm gloves, but not to bulky because you wont be able to operate your camera then. Use a thin linerglove underneath. You wont regret that, especially when you need to change memory cards and stuff. When it´s really cold it wont take long until you start to freeze if you expose your hands even for just a minute, trust me.

– A warm hat. If you are gonna be out for longer periods of time a facemask or a balaclava is a very good investment.

– Your gear. I take for granted that you have this section under control! You need to have fully loaded batteries, all of them. Keep them in your bag or in a ”warmer” place. Batteries drain a lot faster when it is really cold. Your cameras will be incredible cold after awhile and as soon as you bring them in someplace warm they will start to condensate and you will get a lovely haze all over everything that is made of glass. Dont go in and out a lot with your camera, it´s better to put your gear in your camera bag before you go into a warm place because it will keep it sort of cool for you. And the transition from -25 to say +20 degrees will be slower and you wont have the same kind of problem with condensation. If you get snow or ice or whatever on your lens dont try to blow it away with your breath, what will happen then? Wipe it away with a cloth instead.

– Get warm. Try to go into a warm place now and then, it will make you a happier photographer. Working to long so that you might get freeze damages is not a good thing, it is not worth it. Look for white spots in areas that are exposed to this extreme cold, like your face for instance, if you get a white spot you need to warm it up with your hand or something else a.s.a.p. That white spot is the first step to a freeze damage to your skin, avoid that in every possible way.

– Dont be stupid! This one is the most important one and it aimed to most of you that have not been in conditions like this. It´s not a game. No one will thank you for staying out to long and ending up with numb limbs. And if you are not careful enough, it will happen. People have actually died of extreme cold conditions. There is not that many photographs that are worth it, right? Keep your head cool, if you know what i mean. Keep your cellphone warm, it can be your only help, and it wont do you no good if it turns itself off because of the cold even though it was fully loaded before you went out. And last but not least, dont ever work alone in conditions like this, never!

Good luck and dont freeze your a** of, for real!

Until next time!


A teaser of something really unique!

This right here is a car that few of you have ever laid your eyes on. There is just this one, there is no number two or number three. It was designed by Pininfarina and built in 1955 . And this is a pretty sight, trust me. :)

There will be more from this one, soon.

pl_ferrari_250_gt_competizione_005 copy.jpg


22 hour Test of the Aston Martin Rapide S

I have actually forgot to post this, that´s a shame. :) You can read the first post here: http://www.patriklindgren.se/2013/07/30/join-me-for-24h-on-a-crazy-shoot-with-fotosidan-magasin/

In this post you will find a few of my favorites from the 22 hour long encounter that me and Hans Hedberg had with this beauty. This is actually my second date with this car during 2013, i had a brief encounter with it earlier this year too. Check it out: http://www.patriklindgren.se/2013/06/24/the-lovely-aston-martin-rapide-s/

Just to explain once again, we had this car for a very short time compared to what we are used to. When we normally do a Test of a car it can take up to a week to do everything, there is a lot more to be done than just driving it around and taking a few pictures of it. This time we had to do it all in 22 hours, and on top of that the weather was pretty bad and there were some minor issues. And to make it even more interesting we had two people from Fotosidan Magasin, Magnus Fröderberg & Amy Lagerman, joining us to document the whole thing for a reportage they were doing where you get to follow a photographer for a day. We all had a blast and the reportage was very interesting to read. If you are interested in photography and car photography in general you should definitely check it out!

You can find it here: http://www.fotosidan.se/cldoc/fokus-pa-friluftsliv-i-fotosidan-magasin.htm

Anyway, here are my favorites from this crazy trip that we made.

pl_aston_martin_rapide_s_011 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_019 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_045 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_044 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_049 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_055 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_056 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_051 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_073_copy copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_074_copy copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_063 copy.jpgpl_aston_martin_rapide_s_065 copy.jpg

Happy new year everyone!


Sports Car of the Year 2013!

Once again it was time to go down south to Ring Knutstorp in the southern parts of Sweden for this years edition of Sports Car of the Year, Scoty, or as we in Sweden call it, Bankalas. :)

This year we had 23 cars at our disposal during two very long days in the sun. This is the sixth time i do this and i got to say that it gets harder and harder to find new angles on this track. Next year i´m gonna propose that they go the other way around. That could be interesting. 😉

I´ll keep it short this time, take a look and see if there is anything you like. These are my own favorites from a batch of around 350 images that i made for the magazine. It was all published in Teknikens Värld #15 and #16 and some of them will most likely show up in Bilmagasinet and Tekniikan Maailma as well since this is a collaboration between us and them to make it happen.

Click the images to see them better!

Global-Vara-tidningar-Teknikens-Varld-2013-2013-15.jpgpl_bmw_m6_gran_coupe_007 copy.jpgpl_bentley_continental_gt_003 copy.jpgpl_lamborghini_aventador_015 copy.jpgpl_lotus_exige_s_010 copy.jpgpl_ford_fiesta_st_012 copy.jpgpl_audi_rs4_002 copy.jpgpl_porsche_cayman_s_003 copy.jpgpl_jaguar_f_type_012 copy.jpgpl_mini_jcw_gp_007 copy.jpgpl_volvo_v40_002 copy.jpgpl_peugeot_208_gti_002 copy.jpgpl_nissan_gtr_002 copy.jpgpl_jaguar_f_type_004 copy.jpgpl_lotus_evora_s_006 copy.jpgpl_audi_r8_003 copy.jpgpl_audi_rs6_002 copy.jpgpl_volvo_s60_003 copy.jpgpl_opel_astra_opc_002 copy.jpgpl_duell_002 copy.jpg

Technical aspects, I shot these with my Nikon D800 and the Nikon 70-200 VR2 with various shutter speeds and f-stops.

Enjoy this car feast and have a nice weekend!


Three 4-door coupeés + Gotland = Success!

In the beginning of april we took three four door coupeés and took the ferry to Gotland which is a beautiful island east of Sweden in the Baltic sea. It´s a special island for sure with it´s beautiful coastlines with it´s white limestone and lovely beaches. But there is more than that, Gotland is famous for a number of things. There is the Raukar which you will find in a few different places over the whole island, most of them up on Langhammars at Fårö which is a nature reserve.
You can have a taste of Gotland as well, i do recommend the grilled lamb and try the speciality, baked saffron pancake with whipped cream and dewberries, while you are at it.

But that was not the point with this post, i wanted to show you some of the results from that trip we made. So here we go. We started by going as far south as you can on the west side of the island down to Hoburgen, and then we went north on the eastside up all the way to Furillen. By the time we were done at Furillen we called it a night, the sun was sinking fast and i dont think we would have made it up to Langhammars at Fårö in time for the sunset.

But the next day we had plenty of time to go up to Fårö and see all the Raukar at Langhammars.

pl_coupetest_019 copy.jpgpl_audi_a7_013 copy.jpgpl_coupetest_016 copy.jpgpl_coupetest_030 copy.jpgpl_coupetest_032 copy.jpgpl_coupeer_095 copy.jpgpl_coupetest_034 copy.jpgpl_vw_passat_cc_012 copy.jpg

Take care!