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What do you need as a car photographer?

I get questions like this from time to time from all over the place, so I thought why not start some sort of Q&A for these questions and put them out there on the interwebs […]

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A teaser of things to come

Here is a british car in Germany, some might find that odd perhaps. But i disagree, we had a lovely time together. More to come, trust me. This right here is an iPhone snap, so […]

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Have you stepped out of your comfortzone lately?

And by that i mean the way you shoot your pictures, do you get stuck sometimes? Frankly, we all do sometimes. Do read on if you want some kind of push in, at least, some […]

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A TTA racecar in Volvos windtunnel.

One of the absolutely biggest advantages with my job as a photographer is that it takes me places that i would never ever go, or be able to go to otherwise. You could say that […]

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English, yes please!

I’m going all in with the International language from now on, i have seen in my stats that i have quite a lot of visitors from all over the place. So this and all the […]

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