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Mercedes C111, ett vinnande koncept.

Som jag skrev tidigare i förra inlägget, vilket du kan läsa om här, så lovade jag en fortsättning. Det är dags att infria det löftet. Här kommer en provkörning av en väldigt unik konceptbil som dessvärre […]

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pl_ferrari_250_gt_competizione_005 copy.jpg

The Ingrid Bergman Ferrari.

Before this shoot I had never heard about this car nor had i seen a picture of it. So it was a delightful opportunity to have it infront of my lens because it is a […]

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pl_ryssen_2_007 copy.jpg

Here is our new Wintershot, the Russian!

Yeah i know it sounds kind of weird, but that’s what you get if you translate a word straight from swedish to english. 🙂 The thing is that Teknikens Värld, which i have been working […]

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pl_aston_martin_rapide_s_011 copy.jpg

22 hour Test of the Aston Martin Rapide S

I have actually forgot to post this, that´s a shame. 🙂 You can read the first post here: http://www.patriklindgren.se/2013/07/30/join-me-for-24h-on-a-crazy-shoot-with-fotosidan-magasin/ In this post you will find a few of my favorites from the 22 hour long encounter […]

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What do you need as a car photographer?

I get questions like this from time to time from all over the place, so I thought why not start some sort of Q&A for these questions and put them out there on the interwebs […]

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