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c11-pl_porsche_911t_019 copy.jpg

Let´s continue with the Porsche theme, here is an old 911 from the past.

In mid november of 2012 me and Linus Pröjtz went to Björkvik, an old airfield strip that we use a lot when we Test cars for Teknikens Värld, to test drive this old but very […]

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You know Facebook right?

That bigass thing on the Internet that we all can’t seem to stay away from. Well i guess i can’t either, so i started a fanpage some time ago. I started to upload some pictures […]

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Fredrik Ekblom is the champ of TTA!

So the last race of 2012 is over. Fredrik Ekblom was the one standing on top of the podium when the last race was finished. A worthy winner. He’s been doing this for a while […]

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Here are some pictures from Tierp Arena!

And actually nothing more than that. This was a real treat, visually that is. New track, new possibilities, new everything. I really like it. Where you there and what did you think?   In two […]

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Have you stepped out of your comfortzone lately?

And by that i mean the way you shoot your pictures, do you get stuck sometimes? Frankly, we all do sometimes. Do read on if you want some kind of push in, at least, some […]

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