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TTA – raceweekend number four at Falkenberg

This past weekend it was time for race number four in the TTA racingseries at Falkenberg Motorstadion. Now there will be a break until it starts again in Karlskoga 18/8.

I’m not gonna be long, here is the results. If you want to see some more of the pictures that was taken during the weekend i suggest you visit the different teams or drivers webpages right here: Flash Engineering, Polestar Racing, Westcoast Racing or TTA.

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Let´s roll!

Yesterday on the 12th of may it was world premiere for the new Swedish racing series TTA – Elitserien i racing at Gelleråsen in Karlskoga. And it was a great premiere from my point of view and everyone i talked to was stoked to see this finally starting. But the coolest thing was that the youngest driver of them all took it all home. Linus Ohlsson won in his Saab, watch out for him in the future.

We were four still photographers, one doing video and two writers at the track. We´re quite the empire, as the name says, on the swedish racetracks. And it´s needed since we need to cover a lot of what is happening on a raceday. The pressroom was filled with press-people from all over the place so i guess TTA will get it´s fair amount of attention today both in printed media and in cyberspace.

Finally it has begun and i´m looking forward to the following races. The cars look really good on the track, have a look below.




TTA – So it begins.

Last week consisted of three testdays for the new racing series here in Sweden. I went to both Karlskoga and Anderstorp Raceway to check out the TTA testing and deliver pictures to the organisation.
It actually started on may first as a sort of a shakedown on an airfield outside of Karlskoga.
That was the first time they started these completely new cars, and there were some minor issues in the beginning but after some adjusting and other magic tricks they started rolling out on the runway.

The actual testing started at Karlskoga on wednesday with a crystal clear blue sky and warm winds, sometimes it´s easy being a photographer. Tony Welam joined me for the day so that we could cover different things.

Down at Anderstorp the testing continued on thursday and friday. Last time i shot real racecars there was back in 2007 when WTCC was here in Sweden. Well i actually shot a duel there as well between the TTA concept car and a STCC car last fall, but anyways. At Anderstorp i was joined by Micke Fransson and we split the tasks in two.

I´m looking forward to see these cars go at it on the tracks this summer and it all starts this weekend on Karlskoga Motorstadion, go check it out if you can.

Let me give you a taste of what it´s gonna be like.



A TTA racecar in Volvos windtunnel.

One of the absolutely biggest advantages with my job as a photographer is that it takes me places that i would never ever go, or be able to go to otherwise. You could say that my camera opens a lot of doors that are usually locked. And my trip to Volvos own windtunnel outside of Gothenburg a while back was a typical case of door opening magic happening. You wont get in there unless you are invited or work there. I went there with fellow automotive-shooter Richard Sjösten and the pr-man of TTA Johan Meissner to shoot the testing of the brand new TTA racecars.

Volvo is like fort Knox, you need the right papers to get in there, and it´s like that for obvious reasons. There is a lot of stuff going on behind the fences with future products in development. And this might be historic in a way since it could have been the first time a Saab was in Volvos own windtunnel. :)

This was the first time for all three of us visiting a wind tunnel and it wasn´t just me that thought it was a really cool place. They performed some serious testing in there since it cost around 80000 sek to rent it, per day! So we were quick between each run. It has a huge fan that pushes the air in speeds up to 250km/h, that´s a lot of air. But i think the favorite moment, for all of us, was when they took out the smoke machine. We we´re like kids in a candyshop running around trying to get different angles. When the smoke was on they ran the fan at a very low speed, otherwise you wouldn´t see it. But trust me, it was windy enough in there.

Here are some of the images from the weekend. The Volvo looks really cool, and now when i have seen the other cars in their final stage i got to say that i look forward to see sixteen of these battling it out on our racetracks this year.

pl_vind_saab_005.jpgpl_vind_saab_007.jpgVindtunneltest TTApl_vind_saab_037.jpgpl_vind_volvo_019.jpgpl_vind_volvo_027.jpgpl_vind_volvo_037.jpgpl_vind_volvo_046.jpg