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Fredrik Ekblom is the champ of TTA!

So the last race of 2012 is over. Fredrik Ekblom was the one standing on top of the podium when the last race was finished.

A worthy winner. He’s been doing this for a while now and now he can bring home yet another championship trophy.
Here are a few of the frames i took this saturday.

TTA Göteborg FinalTTA Göteborg FinalTTA Göteborg FinalTTA Göteborg FinalTTA Göteborg FinalTTA Göteborg FinalTTA Göteborg FinalTTA Göteborg Final

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Here are some pictures from Tierp Arena!

And actually nothing more than that. This was a real treat, visually that is. New track, new possibilities, new everything. I really like it. Where you there and what did you think?

tta_start_pl0712_001.jpgTTA Tierp Arena Race 7andersson_m_pl0712_011.jpgTTA Tierp Arena Race 7TTA Tierp Arena Race 7TTA Tierp Arena Race 7rudholm_r_pl0712_017.jpgTTA Tierp Arena Race 7larsson_f_pl0712_012.jpgmangs_j_pl0712_008.jpgohlin_m_pl0712_020.jpghaglof_d_pl0712_009.jpgTTA Tierp Arena Race 7


In two weeks time the final round of this years new racing series TTA will take place in Gothenburg. I will be there, how about you?

Until next time!


TTA – raceweekend number four at Falkenberg

This past weekend it was time for race number four in the TTA racingseries at Falkenberg Motorstadion. Now there will be a break until it starts again in Karlskoga 18/8.

I’m not gonna be long, here is the results. If you want to see some more of the pictures that was taken during the weekend i suggest you visit the different teams or drivers webpages right here: Flash Engineering, Polestar Racing, Westcoast Racing or TTA.

Racehelg 4 - Falkenbergswedishgt_0412pl_002.jpgswedishgt_0412pl_001.jpgRacehelg 4 - Falkenbergabarth_0412pl_001.jpggtcup_0412pl_001.jpgRacehelg 4 - FalkenbergRacehelg 4 - FalkenbergRacehelg 4 - FalkenbergRacehelg 4 - FalkenbergRacehelg 4 - FalkenbergRacehelg 4 - FalkenbergRacehelg 4 - FalkenbergRacehelg 4 - Falkenbergswedishgt_0412pl_005.jpg


TTA Magazine, it’s out there!

Our new baby is out, and i mean that in two ways. We had a baby girl three weeks ago, and she is fantastic. :)
Another cool thing is that there is a new racemag out there that hit the streets just in time before the race in Gothenburg 16/6.
We at Teknikens Värld put this together in collaboration with the TTA people.
Most of my part, photographically, was done during the testdays earlier this year, which you can see here.

For those of you that dont have a clue, TTA is a baby too in a way because everything is new and that makes it a bit interesting in many ways. But who isn´t up for a challenge? :)

I’ll get back to this in another post where i’ll try to explain some of the how/when/where and why.

I’ll just leave you with a teaser, all taken with my iPhone, go check it out in your nearest store or order it right here: Teknikens Värld.



Let´s roll!

Yesterday on the 12th of may it was world premiere for the new Swedish racing series TTA – Elitserien i racing at Gelleråsen in Karlskoga. And it was a great premiere from my point of view and everyone i talked to was stoked to see this finally starting. But the coolest thing was that the youngest driver of them all took it all home. Linus Ohlsson won in his Saab, watch out for him in the future.

We were four still photographers, one doing video and two writers at the track. We´re quite the empire, as the name says, on the swedish racetracks. And it´s needed since we need to cover a lot of what is happening on a raceday. The pressroom was filled with press-people from all over the place so i guess TTA will get it´s fair amount of attention today both in printed media and in cyberspace.

Finally it has begun and i´m looking forward to the following races. The cars look really good on the track, have a look below.